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Acord - Casey Family Connection

Cornelius Acord was a German immigrant who, at the age of sixteen, fought in the American Revolutionary War. He married Barbara (Eaker) of Frederick County, Maryland. Their son John Acord was born February 18, 1797 probably in Lincoln, NC. John Acord married Sarah (Turner) Acord who was born c. 1794 in South Carolina. Sarah (Turner) Acord's parents were William and Sarah 'Sally' (Denny) Turner. Sarah Acord died in 1865 and John Acord died in 1866, both are buried in La Mar County, Texas. John and Sarah had a son named William G. Acord, born in Roane County Tennessee in 1817.William G. Acord's wife, Martha (Casey) Acord was the daughter of Sarah Ann (Clark) and Turner F. Casey. Martha was the granddaughter of Abner (2) Casey. Martha's siblings were: Christopher Columbus, Elizabeth, Nancy, Uriah, Belva Ritta and Andrew Jackson Casey.
There is no known record of when the Acord's came to Arkansas. They appear in the U. S. 1850 Census in Mulberry Twp, Johnson Co., Arkansas. John and Sarah (Turner) Acord were married in Roane Co., Tennessee, July 28, 1819 and all their children were born in Roane Co., Tennessee, the last one in 1832, so it is possible that they came to Arkansas Territory with the Abner-Jesse Casey wagon trains in 1834.
William G. Acord bought 40 acres of land from Joseph Hill, Sept. 8, 1862; the SE ˝ of the NE 1/4 of Section 10, township 12 N - range 25 W. which was on the East side of Little Mulberry Creek and just south of where Friley Creek empties into Little Mulberry River (or creek). His farm was south and west of Acord Hollow where his parents and brother lived. His father, John Acord had a grist mill on Little Mulberry Creek in Acord Hollow. In the 1860 Mulberry, Johnson County, Arkansas, U. S. Census, Martha (Casey) and William G. Acord were living in dwelling #18, and they had three children: Sarah, age 5, Vicy, age 3 and William Columbus, age 1.
William G. Acord was a Civil War soldier, in the Union Army, as was his brother Calvin. Three other brothers served in the Confederate Army. "Bushwackers' were particularly viscous in Johnson County, AR, and killed many men to rid the country of protectors of the farms and families. William G. Acord came home on furlough to check on his family. His wife told only one neighbor she was expecting her husband… but never named the 'neighbor'. When William arrived home he found his family practically out of food. His wife did have a small bag of corn. William took the bag of corn and rode the family mule up the creek to his father's grist mill. He didn't make it back to his home in time. Several bushwackers caught him and tied him to a tree, spread-eagled and used him for target practice. His wife and children, who had hid in the attic for safety, watched from the small attic window as he was shot. His body was riddled with bullet holes. (William G. Acord was killed March 18, 1864. His grave marker was found during a visit by Virginia Wulff to the Chapel Hill Cemetery, Yale, AR, in 1965. It was broken into three pieces. A picture was taken of the marker and arrangements made to have the marker rebuilt. Unfortunately, the concrete would not hold and on a later visit the grave was unmarked.)
William Columbus Acord was only five years old when his father, William G. Acord was killed. He vividly recalled standing at the small attic window and seeing his father shot… as he told this, he would cry, tears running down his cheeks. Later, when he was a widower with three children, he left Arkansas and moved to Oklahoma. His first wife, Elmina Caroline (Whitmire) had died in childbirth, and his widowed mother, Mary (Casey) Acord went to Oklahoma with him. William C. Acord and his family came to Indian Territory by covered wagon drawn by oxen named 'Ole Nig' and Ole Spot;. He earned a living by hauling logs for the lumber mills. The older children helped him, going bare-foot even in cold winter months. He tied old gunny sacks around his feet when he had no shoes. After coming to Indian Territory, later to become Oklahoma, William Columbus Acord share cropped in various places, usually in areas around Wagoner. He married Cordelia Douglas Walker. She was part Cherokee Indian and because she was an orphan did not know the year she was born for certain, but did know the day and month, nor did she know her parents names. William and Cordelia Acord's first child, Mertie was b. Sept. 27, 1896, in Hulbert, IT, died April, 18, 1915, Hulbert, OK. William Acord's other children were born in Clarksville, AR, Violet, this place is not listed on maps, Okemah and Qualls, IT/OK.
In the 1870 Arkansas, U. S. Census, Martha (Casey) Acord-Carden was living between two of her brothers-in-law, Cornelius and John Columbus Acord. There was not a husband listed as head of the house. In the 1880 U.S. Census for Johnson County, AR, #136, Martha (Casey) Acord is listed with children: Calvin, age 16, Andrew J., age 12 and Martha age 5. Mr. Carden died in Oklahoma, date unknown, and is buried in Haskell Co., OK. Andrew Jackson Carden died, 1940 in Pryor, Mayes County, OK. A daughter, Vinnie (Carden) Bean born Johnson Co., AR died in Oklahoma, date unknown.
William Columbus Acord, son of William G. and Martha (Casey) Acord was said to have had beautiful black naturally wavy hair and blue eyes. When he died he still had a full head of beautiful white wavy hair. He was a big, tall man and had a beautiful bass singing voice. He took part in all church activities including the choir which was made up of his entire family. The last year or so of his life he spent sitting in a chair to sleep. He had 'dropsy' (heart trouble) and fluid built up in his lungs because of his weak heart making it hard to breathe. He died June 20, 1933, in Wagner OK.

This information was sent to the CFA by Velda (Schamp) Nichols.

Velda Nichols', Casey Lineage: Vera Lee (Acord) Schamp < William Columbus Acord < Martha (Casey) Acord < Turner Casey < Abner (2) Casey <Aaron Casey < Jesse Casey < Abner (1) Casey, immigrant, Ireland to America.
Acord Lineage: Vera Lee (Acord) Schamp < William Columbus Acord < Martha (Casey) and William G. Acord < Sarah (Turner) and John Acord , Barbara (Eaker) and Cornelius Acord.

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